Friday, October 1, 2010

Can Wales compete? Learning from Ethan Allen

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I have just caught an episode of the Dylan Ratigan show and Dylan was speaking to Farooq Kathwari CEO of Ethan Allen Furniture in the United States. Ethan Allen is an American success story, and proof that American manufacturing can compete with low cost countries like China and India. At the moment Ethan Allen produces most of its furniture (65%) in the US with the goal being 70% in the near future. Ethan Allen has shops in China selling its US made furniture..

Mr Kathwari made a interesting point that Germany cost is very high yet Germany is still on of the World’s largest exporter. Surely that Wales could compete with high quality products, a matter of quality over quantity.

However we need a well trained and well educated work force and the question is? Is the Welsh education system up to the challenge?

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