Saturday, May 7, 2011

The wistful meanderings of an irrelevent bore

Looking at the state of my former country I sometimes despair. This last election most people could not even be bothered to vote, just like a US mid term election. So how Labour could claim they have a mandate to rule should baffle me, yet it does not, they still had the largest share of the votes. what I think should happen is instead of a coalition which consists of people who only work together because the have to and have no popular mandate, this should provide a great opportunity to have a proper system of checks and balances. i think it is right and proper for Labour to form the Executive, (they did win the largest share of the votes even though it was low) whilst the opposition parties provide proper scrutiny over governance as well as legislation. To be supportive when the Welsh Labour Government is right and to be corrective when they are wrong. it also means that the opposition parties have to work together and bury their differences on unimportant issues. to borrow a analogy from my former theological days there has to be a certain amount of ecumenism in Welsh politics.This could be a chance for Wales to be a trail blazer in a new type of cooperative politics that could lead the world. Or it could just be the same old crap. Yet who am I? Mr Darren Hill of referendum campaign fame called be a “irrelenvent bore” perhaps I am, but I am someone and there are quite a few someones in Wales who feel the same, its time for those someones to stand up!

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