Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Whither the Welsh language?

Welsh church
Welsh church (Photo credit: No Middle Name)
Owain Glyndŵr at City Hall, Cardiff, Wales
Owain Glyndŵr at City Hall, Cardiff, Wales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Like many English speakers in Wales I have had an almost "schizo" relationship with the aboriginal language of my country, a feeling of pride mixed with a little jealous resentment of those who have the advantage of speaking it, either because it was part of their birthright, or they had the gift to learn it (something I have always had a problem with, just don't have the knack! ).

I have been supportive of Welsh Medium education, but had doubts to its effectiveness in preserving the language. These doubts usually come from what I have heard from family who have had their kids educated in WM schools in Cardiff, and who do not use the language socially or personal observation walking past the schools where you hear the kids speaking English during recess. Despite my doubts I do believe that any way preserving Welsh as a every day language should be used.

I find it offensive when I read blogs, articles where you find comments which bemoan saving Welsh, and it should just die. This as far as I am concerned is a type of racism. The language you speak is just as much part of you as your skin color, and discrimination is what it is, discrimination.

I leave the last comment to a gentleman a US WWII vet who spent the war in Wales. "The language has to survive that is justice.
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