Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thoughts whilst sitting in church on Sunday

Just some random thoughts as I speed towards Cardiff on the train.

On Sunday I was sitting in my home church in Ely, listening to the sermon, however my mind wandered (as it usually does) to a favourite verse of mine from the bible. "Without a vision the people lose restraint;" from the book of the  Proverbs, chapter 29 verse 18.

Why this particular verse, perhaps as looked around the church it was depressing to see how few people we have on church, however what worse that I never hear talk about mission and growth! We just sit and "wait for God" the inevitable decline and eventual closure of our little mission.

Unless we start thinking about what the Gospel is about and making disciple of nations, we will end up bent just another redundant church or worse a ruini like poor St Mary's 

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