Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wales, a land of opportunity?

Some years ago whilst we were still living in the "Wild West" burg of Dodge City we had contemplated moving back to Wales. I corresponded with (the then touted Mab Darogan") Adam Price.

I asked his advice if coming back would be a great idea?  He told me "come back the water is warm" or words similar meaning , great thought I. 

So we planned, my wife had taught with a teaching agency, and I would find a job and get involved with the Friends of St Mary's at Caerau saving what was left of the old parish church. Sounded great my family here helped us with rented a house the local Anglican Church happily put us up for a couple of days whilst we got set up in put own house. 

September, 2013 came and we moved, what happened next was a total nightmare, first the agency that had employed her before were not interested and after 6 months and 400+ job applications I finally got a job. 

The agency told us that because my wife did not have QTS for Wales she could not teach in any capacity. To achieve that she would have to spend a year in university getting a PGCCE sic. Why? She had taught competently in Welsh schools before, and what's more in Special Needs working for a whole year in an autistic unit with great success. 

Whilst I understand the need for standards, what I don't understand the ridiculous hoops good teachers need to go through to do a good job?  She applied for QTS in England and got it, which means she can teach in an English school! This means that we will have to move to England next year. My wife and daughter returned to the US where she was hired for teaching position in Kansas after an interview on Skype. 

I won't deny that situation has made me bitter and the fact that our do called politicians just not interested in helping   

So coming back to my original question and Mr Price's response. Nope, and the Water is not warm, it's freezing cold.

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