Tuesday, December 7, 2010

random thoughts on Welsh education

It does not surprise me (I would suppose being the spouse of a educator and in-law of a senior school administrator). There have always been these little stories that appear on page 3 of the papers about how bad things actually were. And I guess that all we will here from those in charge is excuses. It’s the LEA or the schools or even Westminster, but no word or taking responsibility. "The buck stop here" and getting together and seeing what can be done. No thinking outside the box, when the UK is 5 places behind the US with all its problems with its public school system, you know that something is seriously wrong. What can be done. First I think there should be Welsh version of “No Child Left Behind”, that focus on pupils in deprived areas and their needs, and would facilitate communication between school and parents. Finally I think that politicians should stay out of education. Kids should not be used as footballs by different  political parties. If there’s failure, then there is plenty of blame to go around.


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