Thursday, June 2, 2011

CCFC, Swans. Welsh or Wenglish Teams

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My family have been Cardiff City fans forever, and I am quite sure that 2 of my uncles  were probably present when they won the cup in 1927, and recently my cousin named his son with the the initials as CCFC. However my own parents who used to take me as a kid in the 1970s stopped going at the end of that decade. Why? Well my dad’s view that 2 things killed football in his eyes “money and violence”, and he transferred his allegiance to Snooker, Rugby, and Cricket. For him it ceased to be sport anymore. I wish the Swans good luck and still remember them as being the top team in Wales when City was dropping like that Whale in “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” to the 4th division (if memory serves me right). I think that true Cardiff fans would wish Swansea luck whilst only the fanatics (like all fanatics) would curse them. Its real time for those goof balls to grow up, its only a game. Personally speaking I think its time (and I am no frothy mouth nationalist) to make something of the FAW  and create our own premier league and cut out this crappy big money that destroying the sport both here and in the US. (or maybe I should say “Wales and the US” since its where I am at the present).

and talking of the state of sport in the US my favourite commemorator MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan did a piece on it on his show some time ago on how it has become big just another way of making big money for big business and is why many hard core fans do not go to watch the sport because they cannot afford the tickets, its sad but true. Its time that sport went back into the hands of fans and players and out of the hands of big money and so called celebrity players. Just like the LA Dodgers who are owned by the people who go to watch them and not by some foreign tycoon.

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