Wednesday, June 29, 2011

St Mary (Caerau) lives AKA Fr Victor Jones Heritage Center?

Some years ago my uncle purchased a redundant church from the Church in Wales (the former Parish church of Leckwith, Cardiff, St James) , he converted it into a house (quite common I understand)

In fact he converted it into 2 homes quite successfully. My thought about the former St Mary’s church, Caerau to save it for posterity, since Restoration by either Cardiff council, the Church in Wales or even in Dr Oliver Davis’s proposals (whatever they might be now).

I think the only chance to restore St Mary’s is for a private individual to purchase it, convert the bell tower into a private residence, and the nave back to its original state rather like St Teilo’s Church at the Museum of Welsh Life

This would take a bit of an effort, but I think it is feasible, and will save a rare church within the Cardiff area.

My uncle in fact had shown an interest in St Mary’s before he opted for Leckwith. Can this be done? A lot of ground work will be needed. However it is quite possible that a church with someone living in it might help with the anti social activity that haunts the area.

I would dedicate it the memory of Fr Victor Jones the giant inspiration in saving St Mary’s, and a great community leader of  Caerau.

Any contributions would be welcome.

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