Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mae ei addysg dwp! yng Nghymru

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I find Mark Drakeford’s view that the only issue in Wales now is the economy quite troubling. If he’s thinking of James Carville’s adage “it's the economy, stupid” at the time of Bill Clinton’s 1992 election, he should catch up now Carville is saying it's “education, stupid” then US education system was still half way decent, now it's terrible and so is Wales, with 20% of Cardiff children leaving school barely literate, with poor numeral skills. How exactly are going to compete with up an coming economies in Asia with a poorly educated work force. Perhaps we should ask Barry boy Howard Stringer how we do it since he was the only Welshman who ran a Japanese corporation. Even better why not talk to Stringer, Sir Terry  Matthews, and Michael Moritz, ask them to help build an excellent education system for Wales. Yes the economy is important but without education is all our kids can aspire to is pushing trolleys at Tesco?
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