Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Margaret Thatcher RIP

Margaret Thatcher
Cover of Margaret Thatcher

Today Margaret Thatcher was buried with a grand ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Nothing seemed more controversial than giving Britain’s longest serving 20th prime minister a state funeral, almost seemed more hate directed at her than when she was alive!, everyone who loathed her wanted to get the knives in, whether it was ex miners who blamed her for losing their jobs, or other workers who had memories of the 1980s. She presided over a divided nation (though what kept her in was an ineffective and divided opposition).
I was not fond of her policies I think she favoured the rich because she perceived them as the “job creators” and should be rewarded by keeping more of their wealth with low taxes. Unfortunately, what happened the rich made money, sat on it whilst the working classes lost their good jobs, and ended up working at Tesco (like many people I worked there in the late 1980s). I was one those people who suffered unemployment after I left school, but in the end, I did get a full time job, as did many others. In the community that I grew up in there were people who did not work, or fiddled (one neighbor ran a taxi business whilst drawing the dole) I do believe that welfare dependency is real and Trans generational.
I always joked that I left Wales in 1990 to get away from Maggie, however I did have a job and things were not that bad.
In fact, what was so great about the 1970s? We had strikes, our industry was uncompetitive, and power cuts etc. I am sure that a Labour government would have ended up closing the mines.
She could have approached the economy differently. However she is gone, and part of being a Christian is forgiveness, and that’s how I see it.
May she rest in peace and rise in glory

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