Friday, June 27, 2014

Make the Glamorgan Heritage Coast a national park

Reading some of the stuff about the upcoming LDPs in both Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan where I live. For example where I live, we have some of the most spectacular countryside in Wales, with the gorgeous Glamorgan Heritage coast and our beautiful colourful villages I ask myself where is the balance between conservation and adequate and affordable housing for our people. There are small communities like Ystradowen just near Cowbridge which has been told that they need a large number of new houses. The locals are up in arms that their communities are going to be spoiled. Then are others more cynical that accuse these same people of being NIMBYS who are more interested in the effects on their house prices. That I believe is a little unfair. I. Personally believe that the Western Vale's with its heritage coast should be a national park, and that house building should be done employing local builders and local labour with affordability being a crucial point. -- Sent from Fast notepad

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