Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wales needs to change its policy on teaching in Wales

A teacher of my acquaintance will be winging her way back to America this week. She was hired for a teaching job there. Here she was not able to teach, not even long term, supply jobs which she had in Wales before. And why? Because she did not have QTS in Wales, and was told at the General Teaching Council Cymru that she could only cover for a day or work as an aid, yet in England she gained QTS in England in a couple of weeks. The only way that you can gain QTS in Wales is by taking an year long course at UKIP. Essentially Wales operates a closed system in Wales when it comes to teaching. I would like to ask Huw lewis how can you claim to want to recruit the best teachers in the World, when it's impossible for them to teach here. Whilst I realize that each country must have its own standards, perhaps there is a way in Wales to evaluate their qualifications than by the costly way they do. I would suggest that they could move the courses online so that teachers could take them from over there? What do you say Carwyn Jones? Does Wales want the best teachers to teach? -- Sent from Fast notepad

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