Sunday, June 11, 2017

51 Shades of Brexit

Not quite the words of Thomas Kielinger the Correspondent for Die Welt, on Dateline London today sitting on a panel consisting of Janet Daley, Owen Jones, and Paul McConnell. He was talking about Theresa May's Pyrrhic victory, since May called the election to legitimise her rule as Prime Minister, and negotiating our exit out of the EU, which looks a little weak.  Kielinger's choice of words shows the exotic nature of this subject.

It has been a little hectic around here and even surreal, with Jeremy Corbyn apparently saying that he "could form a government", not quite sure how you can do that with 262 seats, when you require , 326+, perhaps he will have to do a deal with the DUP, perhaps meeting in the middle of the night under a full moon.

I voted Labour because I saw them as the least objective to, a vote for my former Liberal Democrats would be a waste of a vote for a party that cares little about where I live.

However Labour has done well, but not well enough, and can't be acting if they won. This is not 1983, when they lost because of a strong third party (Alliance won 26% to Labour's 28%), they still have not got everyone's trust.

I am still a social Liberal which means I believe in Liberty, tempered by the rule of law. I believed strongly against the tyranny of the majority, especially a tiny majority which is what it took  to leave the EU, and the market, and repeal the Human Rights charter and stop the freedom of movement. Labour says it respects democracy, I think it fears the rule of the mob, when they bang on about respecting the will of the people.

We are leaving, and I pray that this country try does not go down the toilet, but it could.

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