Monday, August 7, 2017


Going to see Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" was something that I was almost impelled to see.

It was a single event that prevented us from being invaded, and consequently allowing the Germans to win the Second World war.

I went to see it at the Premier Cinema in Cardiff at the good price of £4 plus £2.50 for a hotdog, popcorn and a drink. I sat down to watch it .

I was not disappointed when I watched it. The writing was good, the character development was excellent, and the score definitely set the tone. I could imagine my grandfather , Bill Cridland on that beach, waiting to get off that field of death, the trauma of the stukas, not knowing whether he will get off alive. He came back with pneumonia, probably due spending so much time in the water.

It was said that wars or not won by evacuations, I disagree, this one did.

Go and see it.

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