Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why I am voting Yes, and why I should vote no

Today the Welsh people will finally deride whether they are a nation with real sovereignty, or just a region with nothing more than a glorified county council a glorified county council. However with out the framework of a written Constitution with separation of powers even with a vote in favor, the sovereignty will still be illusionary as a future UK government could destroy devolved government in the UK with a simple vote at Westminster. This could not happen to an US state or a Swiss canton because of the constitutional guarantees it is impossible, however it happened to Northern Ireland with its 50-year-old parliament in Stormont in 1973.

I will vote Yes, except I cannot, because I live abroad, so I hope my friends and family will vote Yes, because despite everything I believe it to be the right thing to do.

On the other hand the strongest argument against giving it the power to legisalte is its lamentable performance. It has done good things (free bus travel for pensioners etc) but it has not done great things ( the promised economic miracle from Objective one funding which would had living like our then filthy rich cousins the Irish) the dreadful state of Welsh schools and education.

However I leave it to my friend Denis Campbell editor of UK Progressive and Huffington Post contributor and resident of the lovely village of Monknash in God's beautiful Glamorgan (I envy Denis's house and would rent a room in it just to live there) .

Cap'n Denis Campbell Marrrch 2 roundabouts 7:47 in the mornin' Denounce this misdeed
OK, could not resist....

MARCH 2, 2011 AT 1:45 PM
I loathe the BNP and everything it stands for and I am voting NO.
There is far too much wheeling and dealing and piggy noses in the taxpayer trough as it is.
This crop of pols had 10-years prove themselves deserving. To now blindly give them more powers when the economy is in such disastrous shape is unwise. They are guilty of fiddling whilst Cardiff burns spending months on assuring they have more powers than fixing the economy.
The numbers do not lie:
-70K manufacturing jobs lost,
-economic development stifled and under government control,
-the High Street looks like Beirut,
-uncompetitive bid after uncompetitive bid,
-boondoggles like the Smithsonian folk-life festival and Ryder Cup without a penny’s worth of ROI (not to mention a lack of constituent demand)
-no one cares.
Where oh where is the outrage when something like 11% will decide this important question?
Nicky, you need only to look at Wisconsin in the US to see what governmental hubris and over-reach looks like and what an enraged constituency with a measured, appropriate response can do.
Plus ‘We Are All Egyptians’ is a stronger slogan.

Quite accurate, sadly. 

Then my friend Gary Lewis from Maesteg. Gary is a highly qualified professional who has been unemployed for quite a while. what has the Assembly done for him and thousands of others? sweet FA.

Disappointing I say yes to democracy, but vote the bastards out in May!

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  1. No will send the message that there should be no place for dishonest politics in Wales .....