Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bethan Jenkins and I

Bethan Jenkins AM, member of the National Asse...
Bethan Jenkins AM, member of the National Assembly for Wales. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Some time back I had a disagreement with Bethan Jenkins (AM for South Wales West), she had suggested on a Tweet that there should be spot check inspections of schools in Wales. I got riled up over this (I think in a mild way) and had an exchange with her over it.My wife is a teacher and had taught in south Wales and had the highest regard for teachers that she taught with. This I felt was another attempt to put the blame on the problem of Welsh schools on to the teachers, which I strongly believe is wrong.

Some time later I had gone to see her latest and noticed that I was no longer "Following her" and so I had tried to and she had blocked me!! Why block me a ordinary member of the public just because I had a disagreement with her. It seemed quite extreme.

I don't agreement with her stand on many things, but I do admire her standing up for workers, especially over pension rights.

So Bethan  don't freeze me out we all have differences, I have friends on Facebook and twitter that I have strong differences with, but in the end we can still go to the proverbial pub and have a drink.
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