Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cardiff Council Results winner Pissed off Party

Its true the Labour Party in Cardiff won a gigantic landslide in the 2012 election from holding only 14 seats (13 in 2008) to winning 46 seats with lots of new councillors. The the largest share of the votes, but does winning 40% of the vote deserve 60% of the seats? Is that democracy? Under PR Plaid would have 10 seats instead of 2.

In 2004 there was a landslide then and Labour went from a council of 50 to 27, and then in 2008 from 27 to 13. Things can change, who knows perhaps another landslide in 2017.

I predicted that if the Liberals lost Cardiff Central, they would lose control of the council, was entirely due to the unpopularity of the ConDem government, or was it complacency on the Cardiff Liberals side. How hard they follow the principles of Bernard Greaves and his work on Community politics?  I think not.

And what of Russell Goodway, who was as popular in Cardiff as Venereal Disease in the early 2000s. Who ran quite an incompetent administration according the reports with one listing it as the most badly run council in Wales. Who know sits at the "Leader"'s (Heather Joyce's) left hand at the first council meeting, in charge of finance, who blamed Rhodri Morgan for losing Cardiff, taking no responsibility, "not me guv". According to Kevin Morgan's "Capital Cardiff" it was his "presidential style" that was the main reason for losing, and what no transparency.

Which is now shown in the latest row over the Lord Mayor with Labour tearing up the Constitution and removing the Lord Mayor's power to chair council (which most mayors in the UK and US do). Without consultative with the other group leaders.

Something has to change,  Labour does not have (as Ralph Cook pointed out about Liberals in 2004) have a mandate to change this.

They need to run Cardiff as a great city, not as a personal fiefdom, perhaps they can step up to the plate.

But the biggest winner the Antipathy party (believe me its not apathy its real anger with the political setup)
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