Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Labour's secret agenda for Cardiff... An elected mayor?

This letter from former Lord Mayor John Smith caught my eye. He sees that the new Labour leadership led by Russell Goodway (sic) Heather Joyce may try and introduce a directly elected mayor for Cardiff. This is something that Cllr Smith has always been opposed to, in fact he would like to return to the old committee led council where a cross party consensus could be found in council decisions.

For those who might have forgotten Cllr Goodway usurped the position of Lord Mayor, he was Lord Mayor and Council Leader at the same time which violated the City's Royal Charter, something that did not bother Goodway then or now it seems. However a directly elected mayor may not be beneficial for Labour because it is a opportunity for Labour to lose Cardiff and even the opportunity for an independent to win because the people of Cardiff are well fed up with political parties, which is the real reason they don't vote.

"No support for losing the mayor

 WHAT a convoluted system the leadership of the new Labour administration has devised to run Cardiff council (“Labour slammed over mayor plan”, Echo, May 18). If there is an attempt to create an elected mayor, why not open a debate, for those concerned, to be able to present the reasons for and against, in the public arena. Even publicise the message that she, or they, are sending to the Privy Council, for the Cardiff councillors, to let them know what is being asked in their name, a question that we are told is the first step in the changing of the Lord Mayoralty. I have asked people their view and not found any support for losing the Lord Mayor, so put it to the people. Reference has been made to London, and this reminds me of the sudden internal change in leader at the Greater London Council, which resulted in years of political distrust in that area to this day. The issue around the difficulties of chairing the council meeting are a result of changing the debating rules in 2005/6. If there is a ploy to have an elected mayor then let honesty in purpose be the standard. F John Smith Lord Mayor of Cardiff 1990/91" Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/letters-to-the-editor/south-wales-echo-letters/2012/05/22/why-was-there-no-concern-about-the-financial-plan-back-in-february-91466-31016345/#ixzz1vbYBdYJG
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