Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cymru Fydd and Plaid Cymru a tale of 2 failures

The problem you have with Wales is not do with the size (even though that is what people say all the time) it's whether it's financially sustainable, can we attract enough business or even create it to generate enough revenue to be able to survive. can we, I think we can but with another govt at the helm. because this one is quite happy for our nation to be a welfare basket case to England. I was reading a book by Cymru Fydd. Cymru Fydd was the  Welsh Liberal Party that promoted home rule and Welsh culture, as opposed to the South Wales Liberal Federation, (led by Alderman Robert Bird Mayor of Cardiff) was led by David Lloyd George, T E Ellis and O M Edwards. I used to think that it was the equivalent of Welsh labour. I was wrong it was the forerunner of Plaid Cymru. I think it's enmd came because it saw the English immigrants as a destructive influence instead of making them welcome in Wales. It devalued their religion, their drinking habits, and their language.
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