Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poor old Rowan

WADI KHARRAR, JORDAN - FEBRUARY 20: Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams prays whilst presiding over a service at the Baptism site at the River Jordan, on February 20, 2010, in Wadi Kharrar, Jordan. Williams, who expressed his fears over the 'eroding Christian presence in the Holy Land', layed the foundation stone for the Anglican Church of St. John the Baptist at the site which is to be built on land donated by Jordan's King Abdullah. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Poor old Rowan Williams whenever he makes one of his old Testament prophet type condemnations nobody takes him seriously. He looks the part with his peppered beard, and with his socialist type background of a raging Welsh revolutionary. Unfortunately it’s the role with its establishment trappings, he gets flak from both sides the dawkins type atheist who thinks that religion does not belong in the public square, then the Christian fundamentalist who think that he has conspired with the secular left to destroy traditional Christianity. They are both wrong the Civil Rights movement not only in the US but the anti  apartheid movement of in South Africa (Desmond Tutu, Trevor Huddleston CR) and Bob Morgan in Ely, and Bill Morgan in Merthyr Tudfil) all these were inspired by the Social Gospel and the old Testament Prophets who condemned those who oppressed the poor. Dawkins read just part of the Bible about the miracles and the rantings of Leviticus, and ignore the ethics that is all through the Bible which thunders Justice. The Fundies are wrong because they are fixated on sin and revenge. I am afraid that Rowan’s heart is in the right place, but his body was not, he was a lame and weak leader who was no pastor and could not lead, and this was true of both Monmouth and Wales, he tried to be everyone’s friend. I wish him all the best, I was sorry when he lost his best friend Chris Morgan it was a grievous loss.

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