Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wither Cardiff City (Football Club)

Club badge used for the 2007–08 season
Club badge used for the 2007–08 season (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So Cardiff City has sold its heritage for bags of money from its Malaysian owners. My parents and their respective siblings supported City for years. (though my parents switched off years ago, my dad kept following Glamorgan, snooker and Rugby, my mum Rugby internationals), in fact I even remember my dad saying as long ago as the 1980s that money was ruining football, even more than the violence. This has now become very apparent now with Cardiff City. I still have a old CCFC shirt that my dad gave me with “South Wales Echo” on front, and that was bad enough but at least it was local.

I work with a guy who sells football kits up at our local mall, English premier league kits are very popular with the large Mexican population here and you see a lot of Manchester United shirts around here and the local football clubs take premier sides names. I had told my friend I would get CCFC kits for him to sell at the mall, but you think that anyone will wear red shirts with Malaysia on it, no way, Red is the iconic color of Manchester United. I wont bother.

In fact how strong is the support for Cardiff City in Cardiff itself? When I was working at Tesco at Culverhouse Cross any supported Manchester, or Chelsea etc.

I read that Cllr Heather Joyce the new leader of Cardiff Council said that it “made good business sense” Sounding just like some Thatcherite clone, its not a business venture its a club, and it represents Cardiff. There are US teams that are fan owned such is the backlash at the idea of sport as a business where ordinary supporters are squeezed and cannot afford season tickets.

Is there really no Cardiff millionaires who could invest in there home team? Michael Moritz, Howard Stringer? No?

Cardiff City Football Club is dead and its Requiem Mass will be offered
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