Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who is this "Jac O' the North"?

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Who is this Jac o' the North? who writes constantly about the impending extinction of the Welsh nation?

Who sometimes appears to "demonise" English incomers either  as English second home geriatrics or problem families being dumped on Welsh speaking areas by English authorities.

Is he talking about people like me a anglophone Welshman with English great grandparents.

Even if I disagree with much of what he says I understand his concerns and they should be discussed.
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  1. Jac O' N does have an interesting blog.
    As to who J O' N is - Reading his profile, I get the impression that he's a fan of the Malcolm Pryce novels.

  2. 'Far as I can tell he's a bloke called Royston from Swansea who moved to the North donkeys years ago. Attended Coleg Harlech and now lives in Tywyn or thereabouts. What d'you reckon Royston? How inaccurate is my biography of three lines?

    As a dirty lefty (and environmentalist!) of the Plaid mainstream I don't think he'd much like my views, and I don't often agree with his, but Jac o' the North is always a fun read.