Saturday, June 9, 2012

Watergate 40 years on, with Dick Nixon and Booby Woodward

Richard Nixon (1963)
Richard Nixon (1963) (Photo credit: Iberia Airlines)

I almost forgot how time flies by! ITS 40 years since the infamous Watergate break ins. I am sure we shall be seeing Bob Woodward wall to wall talking about “Deepthroat” and what an evil fiend Richard Nixon was.

Yep he was highly flawed and he did some bad things ( I guess overthrowing the highly incompetent Salvador Allende would count against him as he was cruelly killed), Watergate being the worst.

However this same odious little toady Woodward wrote a gushing book about George W Bush's invasion of Iraq, without addressing the infamous “patriot Act” which legalized some of the “doings” of Watergate like wiretapping and bugging etc. I read Peter Black AM reharshing of this on his blog, and I wondered what peter would have thought about some of the happenings of the last 20 years which would make Nixon look like a saint.

What about Nixon's achievements. Peace with China, the end of the Vietnam war, the EPA extension of Medicare, and his own attempt at solving the healthcare problem, tatht was even more radical than Obamacare.

I believe he brought more good than evil, and Woodward just stopped and stagnated with his investigative journalism.

Nixon also advocated the end of the embargo with Cuba something none of our current entities have dared to do, he was a man of vision but highly flawed.

Today he wopuld have been condemned as a liberal. 

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